About Me and My Blog

Hi, I’m Dave, a software architect and technical leader.
I’ve been designing and developing software for, well, many years now. But I also have backgrounds in other areas, including marketing and communications, business, and music (here’s my album on Spotify and in iTunes). So I often find myself approaching my job differently than other software architects and managers do.
Throughout my career, my end goal has been to produce software that solves problems and provides benefits. But to do that successfully, it takes more than just knowing algorithms and frameworks (although that helps, too!) It takes working with and understanding other people. It takes continuously questioning and improving processes. And it takes a constant commitment to doing what is needed, even if the task at hand doesn’t involve working with code at all.
So in this blog, I’ll write about all of it. The technical, and the non-technical. All of the stuff that I think successful technical leaders should know.  And also, maybe once in awhile, music.