Changing the cell type of an NSTableColumn

This one keeps biting me, although the solution is really simple. I’ve added NSTables to NIBs before, and by default, the table cells are all of type NSTextFieldCell. Well, in some cases I want a column to be represented by a different type of cell. Fortunately, Cocoa provides a number of different types of cells, such as NSButtonCell, NSPopupButtonCell, NSComboBoxCell, NSImageCell, NSSliderCell, etc. Unfortunately, how to change a column’s cell type from the defaultĀ NSTextFieldCell to one of the others isn’t so apparent.

I’ve had to do this a few times, and usually I poke around Interface Builder to see what controls it provides; first while selecting the table column, then the table column cell, then the table itself. Nothing. And then I remember: all you need to do is to find the specific cell type in IB’s Object Library, and drag it and drop it on top of the column itself (the actual column itself, not the representation in the Objects list). Viola!

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